BlueHost Price Discounts

BlueHost price discounts are available, you just need to know where to find them. The BlueHost Professional Web Hosting plan is normally priced at $6.95 a month.  However, BlueHost special discount pricing can often be found for as little as $3.95 a month!

The BlueHost $3.95 special discount can be found a number of different ways. Doing an Internet search for things such as “BlueHost Coupon Code”, “BlueHost Pricing”,  “BlueHost Discount”, “BlueHost Coupon”, “BlueHost Specials”, etc…should bring up a number of results where you may be able to find landing pages that will offer you BlueHost price discounts.  Because BlueHost may offer different discounts to different affiliates, run different pricing specials, or have a number of different promos running at the same time, you may find your search results that off BlueHost pricing discounts or specials ranging anywhere in between $3.95 and $7.95.

Visit the BlueHost Website Here!

Some BlueHost affiliates may have links within their sites that when clicked will take you to an official BlueHost discount pricing page that automatically offers you the special BlueHost pricing without the use of BlueHost coupons.  However, your search may also result in a number of BlueHost affiliates that are offered special BlueHost coupon codes they may pass on to their customers.  Once the affiliate passes on the BlueHost coupon code that person must then go to the BlueHost website, place an order, and at checkout insert the BlueHost coupon code they have been given to receive the discount.  Regardless of which way you are able to find the BlueHost price discounts you will eventually be directed to an official BlueHost website to place your order and either be given the special BlueHost pricing automatically or be asked to insert a coupon code at checkout.

Why would BlueHost offer several different price options for the same plan?  Let’s just say…BlueHost has been providing top web hosting products and services since 1996 (when most of us were still trying to figure out email).  BlueHost has learned through trial and error what works to attract new customers, which is evident in the fact that they regularly have over 20,000 new customers a month.  They have learned by offering affiliate programs, special discount pricing, and coupon codes they are able to attract new clientel in a number of different ways.  Based on the fact they currently host millions of domains, it is obvious BlueHost has also figured out what their customers are looking for in a shared hosting provider and give them all the web hosting products and services they need.  Getting new customers by offering special promos or price discounts is no secret in the marketing world, but keeping those customers is another story.  Based on the numbers, BlueHost is doing a great job in the customer service area and are not only continuing to increase new customers but keep the old ones as well.