BlueHost Reviews

BlueHost reviews can be found nearly everywhere.  By doing an Internet search for “BlueHost Review” you will likely come across over 2 million results.  Some BlueHost reviews claim to be “honest” or “unbiased” or “independent”.  But, how do you know which BlueHost review to trust?  How do you know whether you are getting an unbiased BlueHost review or a review written by a BlueHost affiliate or associate that are just looking for a sale?

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Honestly, there is no tried and true way to know if someone has written a BlueHost review for their own benefit, the benefit of other users, or BlueHost’s benefit.  However, by doing your own in depth research you will be able to find enough information to decipher if BlueHost is right for you.  A good way to find unbiased BlueHost reviews is to search for BlueHost user reviews vs. just BlueHost reviews.  By searching BlueHost user reviews you will most likely find a variety of opinions and different levels of where customers rank them within web host rankings.  The key is to be able to discern whether the reviewers opinion or issue applies to your needs.  For instance, someone writes a BlueHost review that ranks them as a 1 star and they are upset because they are not able to upgrade to a VPS program through BlueHost then you must consider whether their opinion applies to your situation and web hosting needs, many website owners never plan to outgrow a shared hosting plan and may rank BlueHost a 5 star and praise them for having everything they need to suit their hosting needs.

BlueHost Forums are another great way to find out how BlueHost customers actually feel and what their experience with BlueHost has been.  By going to the BlueHost site and entering their help center you can gain access to BlueHost forums where BlueHost customers are able to ask questions and comment on others.  By reading through these forums you will find out a great deal about the actual user experience with BlueHost.  Although the BlueHost forums are moderated for accuracy and to ensure proper information is given, it is still a good resource to gain a good perspective on how users would rate BlueHost.

One thing is for sure, when doing your research for BlueHost reviews you are likely to find negative, positive, high ranking, low ranking, unbiased, and biased reviews.  The ability to decide what information within the BlueHost reviews applies to you, your situation, and your web hosting needs will ultimately be up to you to decide.

Within our review of BlueHost we found them to one of the best web hosting providers that are focused on providing one solid web hosting product and standing behind that product.  If you are searching for a cheap web host that has a feature full web hosting plan you can rely on then BlueHost is definitely worth putting in your top choices as your web hosting providers.