DreamHost Pricing

When it comes to DreamHost Pricing there are a number of things to consider based on whether you are looking for DreamHost’s regular pricing structure, or DreamHost coupon code pricing, or discounted or promotional pricing; and whether you are looking for DreamHost pricing of shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting or even other DreamHost services.

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Basic DreamHost Pricing

When it comes to the basic DreamHost pricing structure we can take a look at their basic DreamHost Shared, DreamHost VPS, and DreamHost Dedicated hosting products.

As the chart indicates, DreamHost Shared hosting starts at $8.95 a month, keep in mind the asterisk indicates this is the lowest starting rate but is based on a two-year prepayment plan.  If you choose a one-year prepayment plan the price will be $9.95 a month.  With the DreamHost shared hosting plan you will receive a long list of unlimited features such as web space, bandwidth, email addresses, hosted domains, subdomains, MySQL databases, and much more.

The DreamHost VPS plan pricing is a little deceiving and difficult to interpret, it does start out at $15.00 a month but it also appears to require you pay the shared hosting fee of $8.95/$9.95 a month as well.  The DreamHost VPS pricing includes unlimited bandwidth and storage but only comes with 300MB of RAM and increases in price at 600MB, 1000MB, 2000MB, and 4000MB.  Although these are still great prices for VPS hosting, don’t think you are going to get VPS hosting for only $15.00.

DreamHost dedicated hosting starts at only $99.00 a month.  This price includes a desktop grade CPU, 2 cores, 2GB of memory, 500GB disk, and no Raid.  Although there are six dedicated server packages to choose from, with DreamHost pricing of $99.00 to $249 a month.

Keep in mind when choosing the DreamHost Shared, DreamHost VPS, or DreamHost Dedicated hosting you have the option to add:

  • VPS MySQL-Optimized databases for $0.05/MB/Month
  • Unique IP Addresses for $3.95 a month
  • Premium Support for $9.95 a month (includes 3 callbacks & online chat support)
  • VPN access for $19.95
  • SSL Secure Certificate for $15 a year (or bring your own).

DreamHost Coupon Code or Discount Pricing

There are a number of ways you may be able to find discounted DreamHost pricing.  One of which is to visit the DreamHost site and see if they are running any DreamHost promos such as a 2 week free trial period on shared hosting or get a free month of dedicated hosting.  They will occasionally toss in a seasonal Dreamhost promotion, a holiday special, or a limited time discount (like a 3 day or weekend special). For example:

Periodically you may also find DreamHost coupon codes.  These coupon codes are typically a unique code given to DreamHost affiliates who can use the promo code to share with others via advertisements.  The individual will then go to the DreamHost website, place an order, and insert the unique DreamHost coupon code at checkout and receive a discount.  DreamHost affiliates may also be given unique links or banner ads they may place on their websites.  When their visitors click on the ads or link they will be directed to an official DreamHost discount pricing page that automatically includes the DreamHost promotional pricing they have agreed to offer the affiliates referrals.