DreamHost Review

In this DreamHost Review learn why DreamHost is often ranked among the top web hosting companies.  Find out if the DreamHost web hosting products and services fit your hosting needs.  Discover information on DreamHost pricing and how to save money with DreamHost coupon codes and special discounts.

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DreamHost – The Company

DreamHost is one of the many web hosting companies started in the late 90’s with a few college computer guru’s with very little money and one small server.  Many of those hosts have come and gone, but DreamHost has continually grown and expanded.  As of date they have more than 1500 servers, state-0f-the-art data centers, and over 100 employees.  They have become an ICANN accredited domain name registrar and host over 1 million domains.  DreamHost is not only dedicated to providing the most up-to-date technology and a variety of web hosting products but also dedicated to communities.  DreamHost proudly offers free web hosting to charitable organizations and goes above and beyond normal standards to provide the greenest and most environmentally friendly hosting possible.

DreamHost Shared Hosting

DreamHost’s shared hosting plan is very reasonably priced at $8.95 a month.  The  plan includes a number of unlimited features including disk storage, bandwidth, hosted domains, full shell, SSH, FTP, SFTP users, email accounts, MySQL databases and more.  Every shared hosting plan comes with a free domain name for life (.com, .net, .org, or .info) which is a $9.95 savings every year.  Everything about this DreamHost plan makes designing, creating, and maintaining your own website as easy as possible; from the one-click software installer to their very own custom designed control panel. The DreamHost shared hosting plan is designed to suit the needs of bloggers, website designers, and small businesses.

DreamHost Virtual Private Servers  (VPS)

With DreamHost VPS hosting you are guaranteed a certain amount of CPU and RAM (based on the plan you choose).  You can choose a VPS plan that ranges from 300MB to 4000MB  depending on your needs, and you can adjust your needs as they change.  With root access (via sudo) and remote reboot you have more control over your website/server than with a shared hosting plan.  Although the DreamHost VPS plan starts at only $15 (much less than the average starting price) it does not include the required shared hosting plan of an additional $9.95 a month.  This plan is best suited for businesses who have are growing rapidly, experiencing heavy website traffic, or need to run complex applications on their sites.

DreamHost Dedicated Servers

DreamHost dedicated servers start at just $99.oo a month, with 500GB-1TB of disk storage and unlimited bandwidth, hosted domains, full shell, SSH, FTP, SFTP users, email accounts, and MySQL databases.   DreamHost currently has 6 dedicated servers to choose from that come equipped with 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 12GB of memory, 2 or 4 cores, and 500GB or 1TB of disk space.  The DreamHost dedicated servers are a good choice for businesses that have a webmaster, or at least someone who is technically advanced enough to configure and manage their own server.  If your business runs CPU-intensive apps, has complex databases, or maintains a high level of traffic then you should consider having your own dedicated server.

DreamHost Humor

You have to appreciate DreamHost’s sense of humor in the ever competitive web hosting battle to be one of the best web hosting companies and be able to offer what the competition does not.  Many web hosts offer a 30 or 60 or some even a 90 day money back guarantee, so of course DreamHost has a 97 day money back guarantee, kind of creative eh? Where most cheap shared web hosting plans include “Unlimited Disk Storage”, DreamHost includes “Unlimited TB+ 50GB Backups”, yet another creative way to “one up” the competition.  DreamHost has also got a little creative in their VPS pricing.  VPS hosting typically starts at about $29 or more, DreamHost prices their VPS lead in pricing at $15.00 but if you look closely that does not include the mandatory $9.95 a month additionally required in a shared hosting plan.  Humor or not, it seems to make good business sense and continues to work for them.

DreamHost Pricing

While DreamHost pricing is pretty set with shared hosting starting at $8.95 a month, VPS at $15.00+ a month, and dedicated servers starting at $99.00 a month there are a few things you can do to save money when hosting your site with DreamHost.  By searching for DreamHost coupon codes online you may come across DreamHost affiliate sites that have been given exclusive or unique DreamHost coupon codes to offer their customers.  Should you find a DreamHost coupon code, simply place an order from DreamHost and at checkout enter the coupon code to get the discount.  You may also find special promotional discounts that DreamHost runs occasionally, these are typically limited time offers (3 day, holiday, or special occasion) and do not require a special coupon code.  There are a number of ongoing promos on the DreamHost site such as one free month of dedicated hosting, first week of DreamHost VPS hosting free, or a 2 week free trial of DreamHost shared hosting.

In our experience with DreamHost we feel their company is solid, their hosting products and services meet the needs of nearly everyone, and would recommend their services to our friends.